Cumberland MD Three Injured In Crash With Tractor-Trailer On I-68

Eastbound Lanes Closed Following Crash; Victims Transported To Western Maryland Regional

Maryland State authorities responded to the crash between a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer on the morning of Wednesday, October 16th. Upon arrival at the scene, they found the truck had jackknifed and the second vehicle had become lodged under the tractor-trailer.

Emergency responder crews worked diligently for almost 20 minutes trying to extricate the victims from the wreckage, which was located near Haystack Mountain. Three total injuries were reported, with one of the individuals identified as a child.

All those who suffered injuries were then transported to Western Maryland Regional Medical Center for treatment, though none are believed to be in life-threatening condition.

While the scene was cleaned up, authorities closed down the eastbound lanes of Interstate 68 and encouraged travelers to seek alternate routes.

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Aaron Blank, and experienced truck accident attorney had the following information for those who have suffered injuries in a truck accident:

“Most drivers on the road understand that trucks are large, powerful vehicles than can haul heavy loads. Yet, most don’t consider that the increased weight of trucks or tractor-trailers makes them magnitudes more dangerous as well. Danger, in this case, speaking to the potential injuries that individuals involved in truck accidents can suffer.

Some of the types of injuries that people involved in tractor-trailer accidents suffer include trauma to the head, bone fractures, amputations, crushing injuries, and nerve damage.

These kinds of injuries are usually expensive to treat, and will often require long-term care to achieve full recovery. The advancement of medical technology has allowed victims of injuries to heal from even the worst injuries, though this kind of medical care can be very expensive.

Many assume that auto insurance policies will cover all of the treatment required for victims to make full recoveries, though this could not be further from the truth. An insurance policy will pay out up to a threshold or limit and then stop. If victims have not recovered or their treatment is not yet complete, then they are forced to pay directly out of their pocket.

Bringing forth a lawsuit after injuries are suffered in a truck accident can often be the only way for victims and their loved ones to achieve the complete compensation they need to heal.

Those considering a lawsuit should understand that criminal charges don’t have to be filed for the lawsuit to be won. They should also know that the lawsuit is filed against a person who is believed to have acted negligently and therefore caused the crash.

Victims of injuries in truck accidents have a limited amount of time to pursue legal action, so it is important to speak with an experienced attorney who can discuss the details of a case and determine all of the legal avenues for compensation that exist.”



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