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Interstate 55 near Collinsville

Interstate 55 near Collinsville, where 3 were killed in a suspected DUI crash on September 7.

3 Victims of Fatal DUI Crash Identified

Authorities in Collinsville have identified the three men killed in a suspected DUI accident on Interstate 55 on Friday night. 59-year-old Gary J. Metze and his passenger, 52-year-old Robert A. Dean, were killed when the driver of a Ford Mustang crossed the median, plowed through a wire barrier, and collided with their 2005 gray Nissan Sentra head-on. 29-year-old Kaylyn J. McLemore was identified as the driver of the Mustang and also died in the collision.

Officers said that they discovered an open bottle of whiskey in the center console of the Mustang.

Third-Party Liability for Drunk Driving Accidents in Illinois

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney represents families who have lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents. He’s offered to share some thoughts on third-party liability for drunk driving crashes in Illinois:

When a drunk driver causes an accident that injures or kills others, it’s important to make sure those affected by the accident get the justice and support they deserve. In Illinois and most other states, victims and their families may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver. Additionally, these victims sometimes have cases for lawsuits against alcohol vendors who provided alcohol to the driver on the night of the crash.

In Illinois, a dram shop claim can be made under the following circumstances:

  • The person who caused the injury was intoxicated when the injury happened,
  • The vendor sold or gave alcohol to the intoxicated person, who consumed it,
  • The alcohol sold or given by the alcohol vendor is what caused the intoxication, and
  • As a result, the injured person suffered personal injuries or property damage.

Dram shop lawsuits can help compensate the loved ones of drunk driver victims for loss of financial support, pain and suffering, medical and funeral expenses, and other damages suffered as a result of their loved one’s death. Contact an experienced DUI accident victim lawyer today to learn more about your family’s legal options during this difficult time.

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