Construction Worker Killed In Clearwater Florida

Paul Russo, 37, Struck & Killed By A Backhoe At Construction Site On Virginia Ave.

Investigations are currently underway by the Clearwater Police Department as well as by OSHA, who sent representatives out to the site of the accident.

Just before 11AM on Tuesday, September 10th, police and detectives responded to a call from the 1895 Virginia Ave. construction site in Clearwater, Florida. Regrettably, the victim was pronounced dead on the scene by the responding emergency units from the Dunedin Fire Department.

Not much is know at this time, except that a townhome development is the intended result. Local police and detectives are still investigating, though initial reports indicate that the property was being cleared with the help of a backhoe, and the victim was fatally struck by it’s bucket at some point.

Mr. Russo was employed by Professional Development of Odessa, who have not yet offered public comment on the matter.

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Laurence Banville of Banville Law has garnered years of experience as a construction accident attorney, and has offered some commentary on accidents involving heavy equipment:

“Heavy machinery is guaranteed to be found at most construction sites all over the country. Unfortunately, this kind of equipment is extremely powerful and, along with all of its advantages, also carries some serious risk.

When any of the workers on site happen to act in a reckless or negligent manner, if only to the slightest degree, injuries can quickly arise. Even worse is the fact that accidents involving heavy equipment tend to be disastrous, if not deadly.

You may be surprised to find that OSHA previously released reports which indicate that one of the most common workplace violations are related to industrial trucks and heavy machinery. Types of accidents include:

  • Being run over
  • Having a limb caught
  • Being struck by debris on top of the vehicle
  • Being struck by the vehicle itself

Fortunately, there are powerful legal options that the victims and their families can pursue that may help in healing and financial support.

One of the most important is choosing an experienced construction accident attorney who will sit down and explain all the options on the table. This representative should be compassionate and, as always, have the victim’s best interests in mind.”



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