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Chesapeake, VA - Virginia Doctor Accused of Performing Dozens of Unnecessary Hysterectomies

Published: October 21, 2020
By: Janean Cuffee
Last Updated on December 17, 2020

Virginia Doctor Accused of Performing Unnecessary Hysterectomies for Decades

According to The Washington Post, a Virginia doctor is accused of performing unnecessary hysterectomies on numerous clients for years. Javaid Perwaiz, who has had his private practice since 1982, allegedly harmed over two dozen women.

One victim who came forward highlighted her experience with Perwaiz. The alleged victim, 32-years-old, states the Perwaiz tied her tubes, which resulted in a stabbing pain in her abdomen, which is when Perwaiz suggested three more procedures; one being a hysterectomy. There are 29 patients listed on the court documents and hundreds more who contacts the police following the doctor’s arrest. The Eastern District of Virginia U.S. attorney’s office stated the identified patients are only an example of the scheme to defraud by Perwaiz. The women who shared this experience reported feeling betrayed by Pewaiz, ashamed for trusting him, and angry learning in his past he was fired for surgical misconduct and convicted of tax fraud. Others are frustrated as they raised concerns about him for years. A few victims highlighted detailed experiences.

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Given the surgical misconduct allegations decades earlier, these victims wonder why the volume of unnecessary surgeries didn’t draw scrutiny earlier. During Perwaiz’s time at Maryview Hospital. he performed 11 hysterectomies without medical reasons on women between their 20s and 40s. Records show he was fired for unnecessary surgeries, poor clinical judgment, and lack of documentation and discrepancies. The Virginia Board of Medicine did not suspend Perwaiz’s license after reviewing the allegations.

The initial charges were health-care fraud and false statements. Now it’s alleged that Perwaiz executed an “extensive scheme” for near a decade endangering women’s pregnancies, robbed women of their ability to conceive, and pressured women to undergo unnecessary procedures based on unfounded cancer diagnoses and exam results from broken equipment. Perwaiz supposedly made more money off of insurance as he continued to perform surgeries. Between 2010 and 2019, prosecutors allege that Perwaiz billed $2.3 million to insurance companies for gynecological care partially justified by diagnostic procedures never performed.

Perwaiz rushed women into permanent sterilization procedures after inaccurately saying they could be reversed easily. He allegedly backdated sterilization consent forms 30 days before their procedure in compliance with a Medicaid requirement. Additionally, he allegedly repeatedly induced preterm pregnancies to align with his hospital shifts without a medical reason. One woman reported that Perwaiz tried to convince her to have a hysterectomy at 24-years-old when she did not want to. Another woman reported having her ovaries and uterus removed because Perwaiz reported it was the only way to get rid of cysts he said she had.

Perwaiz pleaded not guilty as he is in jail without bond. Neither Perwaiz nor his attorneys have responded to requests for comments.

Legal Rights of Victims of Malpractice by a Doctor

Attorney contributor Kevin Biniazan, an experienced malpractice lawyer, has worked with numerous victims of medical malpractice. Below, we asked Kevin to provide insight to the legal rights of the victims of malpractice.

“Patients naturally trust and respect their doctors. There is an expectation that medical professionals to carry themselves in a professional manner and respect their patients. Unfortunately, some medical staff abuse their trust and positions of power to take advantage of their patients and exploit their vulnerability. The justice system ensures justice for patients and ensures medical professionals are held accountable for their actions. Victims of malpractice should know their legal options to receive justice.”

“Medical facilities are legally obligated to uphold the safety of their patients. Malpractice by medical professionals are often the result of negligence. If a medical professional goes against custom, they may be liable for damages as a result. Additionally, medical professionals are legally obligated to inform patients of the potential risks of a procedure, if those risks are material to whether the patient would have the surgery done. Medical professionals are not allowed to perform procedures without the specific consent of  their patient. Lastly, medical professionals are required to share any alternatives to surgery and the risks involved if the surgery is not performed. In cases of negligence or malpractice, victims may have grounds to file a lawsuit and receive compensation for their abuse.”


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