Woodland Country Club Drowning

A former swimmer at Wabash College drowned in the pool of Woodland Country Club on July 22nd.

Former Swimmer Found Dead in Pool at Woodland Country Club

Wishtv.com reports that a part-time swim coach at the Carmel Swim Club drowned in a pool at the Woodland Country Club. The incident occurred on July 20th when the victim, 22-year old Benny Liang was found unresponsive at the bottom of a pool.

Liang had been a part-time swim coach at Carmel Swim Club since September 2019. He also was a former college swimmer at Wabash college. He was forced to quit swimming because of a heart condition but continued his passion by coaching.

Foul play is not suspected but the police are currently investigating the death. Autopsy and toxicology reports are currently pending.

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Legal Options for Drowning Victims in a Country Club

Families are always devastated to learn that a member has been a victim of a drowning. In some situations, families may be able to take legal action against the owner of the pool. Attorney Contributor Jeff Gibson has experience in these types of civil lawsuits. He gave us the following comments on the requirements to sue after a drowning:

“Drownings in a pool make up a good percentage of accidental deaths in America. For this reason, pool-owners have an obligation to ensure a safe environment for swimmers. There are certain steps that every pool-owner must take in order to mitigate the risk of a drowning occurring in their pool. If none of these steps are taken the pool-owner can be held accountable for negligence.”

When I asked Jeff to expand on what some of these steps are, he explained: “It all depends on the circumstances but there are certain measures that mostly any pool owner should take. There should always be adequate lighting both in and around the pool to lower the risk of someone stumbling in accidentally. Facilities should also always monitor their pool to make sure pool-users are safe. These are just some of the potential safety measures that should be put in place. Failure to do so may make a facility liable for a drowning on their premises.”

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