Warner Bros CEO, Kevin Tsujihara, was forced to step down following sexual misconduct allegations.

Warner Bros CEO Faces Sexual Misconduct Allegations

According to CBS News, Warner Bros. Entertainment Chairman and CEO faces allegations of sexual misconduct that are now under investigation.

Kevin Tsujihara, 54-years-old, has worked with Warner Bros Studio for 25 years but had to step down following the accusations. Tsujihara acknowledged his actions were inconsistent with the company’s leadership expectations and said his mistakes could impact the company in the future.

Tsujihara allegedly has an extramarital affair with an actress leading to her parts in Warner Bros films. The actress denies inappropriate behavior by Tsujihara’s, saying he never promised her anything.

The scandal unfolded as Warner Bros was reconstructing, and Tsujihara role expanded with more responsibility. The investigation is currently underway following Tsujihara’s step down.

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