FDNY Paramedic Arrested for Sexual Assault

FDNY Paramedic charged with criminal sex act, sex abuse, and forcible touching.

EMS Station 26, FDNY Paramedic, Charged With Sexual Assault Against a Woman in Ambulance

FDNY paramedic, Karel Delgado, was charged with sexual abuse, forcible touching, and criminal sexual acts according to nydailynews on April 9, 2018. Delgado was arrested under the accusation of forced oral sex. The victim was a 43-year-old-woman on her way to the hospital.

Delgado, who works at EMS Station 26 in the Morrisania neighborhood, arrived at this woman’s house to take her to the Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. She called 911 around noon, requesting an ambulance because she felt ill, potentially with pneumonia. Once in the ambulance, Delgado asked the woman for permission to examine her. Rather than being examined in the ambulance she was assaulted and groped, Delgado allegedly grabbed her private parts and then took out his penis and touched her face with it.

As soon as she arrived to the hospital, she reported the abuse. Delgado was later arrested and charged on the crimes listed above.

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Legal Options For Victims of Sexual Assault by a Paramedic

Attorney contributor Laurence Banville, a sexual abuse lawyer, represents victims and their families in sexual abuse civil lawsuits. In an interview, we asked Laurence for some insight into victims’ legal rights that have been sexually abused by doctors or medical staff.  His answers touch on questions like can I sue hospitals and medical facilities for sexual assault by doctor?

Laurence asserted that medical staffs have a legal duty to protect their patients through a safe environment. Unfortunately, predators are sometimes found working as doctors, paramedics, and other medical staff workers. Medical facilities must protect patients from these predators. 

When asked what to do if a paramedic is charged with sexual abuse, Laurence replied the following: the victim and the family should ask if the EMS station did it’s best to prevent said abuse. Some sexual abuse cases only occur as a result of an EMS station’s negligence. An EMS station could be considered negligent in a sexual abuse case if prior sexual misconduct was reported against said paramedic, and they were still allowed to work. In negligence cases, the victim and their family should know they may have grounds for a lawsuit against the EMS station. 

EMS Station 26 in Bronx, NY




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