Bethesda, Maryland - Construction Worker Dies Days After Electrocution Accident In Wyngate Neighborhood

Worker Was Operating A Boom When He Was Electrocuted, Causing Fall Into Trench

A construction worker suffered a deadly electrocution and fall shortly after noon on Tuesday, October 22nd.

It is believed that the man was operating an articulating boom when it came into contact with power lines, electrocuting him. After the electrical shock, the man fell into a trench that was dug for the foundation of the to-be home.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue responded to the scene which was located near the intersection of Ewing Dr and Wilmet Rd. Upon arriving at the site, they worked to remove the man from the 8-foot trench and then transported him to a local hospital where he later succumbed to his injures.

A second worker is also reported to have suffered injuries, though they are minor and non-life-threatening.

The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health is investigating the conditions that caused the fatal accident. Police are also conducting a death investigation.

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Yet, because these accidents are constantly occurring doesn’t mean that they can’t be stopped. In fact, federal institutions like OSHA work every day to make this happen. Unfortunately, the negligence of supervisors, employers, and even other workers is often what leads to the most severe injuries.

When workers are injured, they have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim that will pay for their medical costs. It can also cover a portion of lost wages. In some cases, if an injury is the result of the negligence of a person who isn’t a co-worker such as a contractor, a lawsuit can also be filed to recoup damages.

Yet, when a construction accident takes the life of a worker, the only option for the grieving family to get a sense of justice may be a construction death lawsuit. This type of lawsuit is completely separate from a criminal case, and does not require charges to be pressed for it to be successful.

In fact, construction death lawsuits have one major goal – awarding the victims of negligence and suffering a compensation. This compensation will not bring a loved one back, or undo what is already done, but it can help those who are hurting the most to heal and finally recover.

Worker’s compensation claims, along with construction accident lawsuits, can be complex and long processes. For this reason, consulting an experienced attorney after these tragedies occur can provide victims with the peace of mind they need to heal knowing that their rights are being protected in a court of law.”



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