Bethel, Pennsylvania - Multiple Injuries, One Airlifted After Tractor-Trailer Crash On I-78 West

Two Passengers Of Car As Well As Truck Driver Suffered Injuries

The two-vehicle accident took place Friday, October 25th around 5:30AM in the westbound lanes of Interstate 78 between the Bethel (Rte 501) and Frystown (Rte 645) exits.

Few details have been released regarding how the incident occurred, but the tractor-trailer was left on its side, while the other vehicle, a sedan, suffered serious damage. A medevac helicopter was called to the scene for transporting of the sedan’s driver to the hospital, while the sedan front passenger and the truck driver where taken via ambulance to local medical centers.

The Berks County segment of I-78 remained closed for several hours while the scene was cleaned up. No additional updates regarding the condition of the victims has been offered at this time.

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