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Behavioral Health Network Notifies Over 129,000 Patients of a Potential Data Breach

According to Becker’s Hospital Review, Behavioral Health Network has notified over 129,000 patients of a data breach in May that might have exposed their information. BHN is the largest behavioral health service provider in Western Massachusetts.

Behavioral Health Network Data Breach

BHN reports that is discovered some of its systems had become infected with a virus on May 28th of this year. BHN immediately launched an investigation which concluded that an unauthorized third-party had gained access to their system 2 days before the malware was introduced. This third-party would have had access to the files of some current and former patients at the health network.

BHN cannot confirm whether the third-party viewed any sensitive information in the files they had access to. These filed held sensitive information including names, addresses, medical treatment and diagnosis data, health insurance claims, and social security numbers.

In response to the incident, BHN is implementing additional data privacy safeguards and is providing training to employees on proper data privacy practices. They are also offering free credit monitoring and identity protection services to patients whose information may have been compromised.




Ali Saeed - Data Breach Lawyer

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Saeed & Little Announces They Will Launch an Investigation into The Data Breach at Behavioral Health Network

Ali Saeed has announced that his firm, Saeed and Little, will be launching an investigation into the data event at BHN that occurred in May. His firm has experience in data breaches that affect patient medical information which will aid in their investigation of the event that may have exposed sensitive information such as social security numbers and medical diagnoses.

Is There A Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit Against Behavioral Health Network?

Saeed & Little is actively conducting an investigation, however, at this point it is too hard to tell if there are ground for a data breach class action lawsuit against BHN. While investigating, Ali Saeed is in communication with former and current patients to make sure they understand their legal options.

While he is currently unsure whether there will be a lawsuit or not. Mr. Saeed believes that his firm is capable of handling such a case and ensuring that all of the affected parties are entitled to a data breach settlement. His firm’s experience and financial resources would be key in ensuring everyone is fairly compensated.

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