Alexandria, Indiana - Two Injured When Pickup Is Struck By Tractor-Trailer On Indiana 28

2003 GMC Sonoma Was Parked On Side Of Road When It Was Impacted By Tractor-Trailer

Two unidentified victims were injured on Tuesday, October 22nd when their GMC pickup truck was struck by a westbound 2017 Freightliner on Indiana 28. Madison County emergency responders arrived on the scene and found both vehicles in a field north of the road.

The two passengers of the pickup were transported to St. Vincent Indianapolis for treatment of their injuries which are believed to be non-life-threatening at this time. The driver of the tractor-trailer, 70-year-old Larry Beane, was uninjured in the incident.

State Road 28 was closed in both directions while authorities conducted an investigation into the circumstances.

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Attorney contributor for The Legal Herald, Jeff Gibson shared the following information for persons injured in truck accidents:

“When a person’s negligence injures a family member via a truck crash, it’s understandable for victims and their loved ones to want to seek justice. They did nothing to put themselves in such a painful situation – why should they be left to put the pieces back together without help?

By pursuing an auto accident lawsuit, those hurt by the negligence of another can finally feel that justice has been served. Not only this, through the same legal proceeding, they can also recover a compensation for damages resulting from the incident. These can include:

  • Physical suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of income
  • Surgery and hospitalization costs
  • Therapy procedures
  • … and more

Why should victims file a lawsuit and not an insurance claim? This is a common question, as most people believe that insurance companies will pay for all damages. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Most insurance policies have a limit, and when this payout limit is reached, the victims stop receiving benefits. When this happens, a lawsuit may be the only way for those victimized by negligence to receive the compensation that will allow them to recover fully.

Each state has a different statutes of limitation with regards to filing a truck accident lawsuit, so those injured in tractor-trailer accidents should consult their case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.”



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