Legal experts believe that rheumatoid arthritis patients will soon begin filing a wave of lawsuits against Roche, the pharmaceutical company behind Actemra. Recent reports have linked the new RA drug to over 100 deaths, along with hundreds of severe side effect cases.

  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Pancreatitis
  • Interstitial lung diseases

Despite evidence of harm, neither Roche nor the FDA has changed Actemra’s warning label. Competitor drugs, on the other hand, bear prominent warnings about many of these risks. Hundreds of patients, along with grieving families, may be eligible to pursue compensation.

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Several law firms have begun to run TV commercials advising Actemra patients who have suffered severe complications to contact an experienced legal representative immediately. The ads, which usually run during local broadcasts, often say that recent medical research has linked the powerful rheumatoid arthritis drug to a number of serious side effects:

  • Heart failure
  • Stroke and heart attack
  • Pancreatitis
  • Interstitial lung disease

After outlining these potential complications, the commercials go on to explain that, unlike the drug’s direct competitors Humira and Remicade, Actemra’s warning label makes no mention of these side effects.

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As a result, patients have begun to file lawsuits, accusing the drug’s manufacturer, Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, of failing to warn the public and the medical community.

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Our experienced defective drug attorneys do not produce television commercials, but we are deeply committed to providing patients with up-to-date information on their legal rights.

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TV Ads Outline The Potential Dangers Of Actemra

The vast majority of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drugs, especially so-called disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, can cause devastating side effects. These newer “biologic” drugs, which rely on laboratory-designed immune system cells, can prevent long-term joint degradation in many cases, but also pose serious risks of their own.

Humira and Remicade, two of the most popular RA drugs on the market, make these dangers explicit, warning patients and physicians to the risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke and interstitial lung disease, a family of disorders that involve scar tissue in the lungs. Actemra, on the other hand, was advertised as a different kind of rheumatoid arthritis drug.

The first chemical to act directly on interleukin, a protein that triggers inflammation, Actemra presented significant clinical benefits, without the severe side effects usually associated with RA treatment. At least, that was Roche’s line in product advertisements. Studies performed after the drug’s approval, along with side effect reports submitted to the US Food & Drug Administration, tell a very different story.

New Analysis Highlights Side Effect Reports

As a comprehensive report from STAT shows, analyzing millions of FDA adverse event reports turns up troubling evidence that Actemra may cause the same severe complications as Humira or Remicade at nearly identical rates.

In an independent review of FDA reports, California’s Advera Health Analytics found Actemra named as the likely cause of hundreds of heart attacks, heart failure cases and strokes, along with numerous cases of interstitial lung disease and pancreatitis. Despite Roche’s claims of comparative safety, Actemra appeared to cause these complications at the same rate as Humira and Remicade, the drug’s two main competitors.

Actemra Side Effect Infographic

The fact remains, however, that Actemra’s warning label contains no reference to these side effects. That’s why hundreds of patients and families currently considering lawsuits believe that Roche failed to notify the medical community and public about Actemra’s true risks.

Will There Be An Actemra Class Action?

Possibly, but our experienced attorneys believe that class action is almost always an inappropriate legal avenue for cases involving severe personal injuries.

As we’ve seen, Actemra has been linked to a host of debilitating medical conditions, including heart failure, stroke and chronic lung scarring. Many patients have been forced to undergo rigorous and lengthy courses of corrective treatment, racking up huge medical bills and losing out on months of work time. Experts believe that hundreds of rheumatoid arthritis patients may have died due to side effects allegedly caused by Actemra, leaving families in grief and burdening loved ones with numerous financial obligations.

Class Action Might Not Be The Best Option

All this is to say that the vast majority of the people who will file Actemra side effect lawsuits will be demanding significant amounts of financial compensation. Plaintiffs will also be demanding unique damage amounts, stemming from their individual losses.

No two claims will be alike and, for that very reason, no two plaintiffs can adequately represent each other’s best interests in court. Class action is usually unable to capture the unique differences between claims; it’s usually used to litigate large legal issues in which each member of the class has been injured in almost identical ways.

Where unique injuries and damage claims are concerned, we believe that individual personal injury lawsuits are the best approach.

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