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Careytown Preschool

Careytown Preschool in Zanesville, where a former employer has been accused of sexual abuse.

Police in Zanesville Investigating Alleged Child Sexual Assault By Daycare Worker

Zanesville police are investigating a report of a sexual assault at the Careytown Preschool after the child’s family filed a report. Detectives arrested 32-year-old Derek Shaffer and charged him with rape. He was sent to the Zanesville City Jail on $1 million bail.

The investigation was initiated back in June. Detective Chris Andrews has asked families in the area to talk with their kids about the assault and what are good and bad touches. Police want to find out if there are any additional victims. Shaffer has been employed by the Careytown Preschool for 10 years.

Alleged Child Rapist Appears In Court

Derek Shaffer appeared in court before Judge William Joseph in Zanesville Municipal Court on August 13. The judge agreed to reduce his bail to $50,000. If he posts bond, he will be on house arrest at his mother’s home with no contact to anyone but family members and no internet access.

The case will move to Muskingum County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday.

Legal Recourse For Families of Child Sexual Abuse Victims

Attorney contributor and sexual abuse victims lawyer Brian Kent discusses the legal options available to families affected by child sexual abuse:

If you believe that your child has become the victim of sexual abuse, it’s important to understand that both the criminal justice and civil courts are available to help your family. While the police will handle the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrator, filing a lawsuit in civil court can help your family in other ways. A civil lawsuit can be filed against the perpetrator’s employer if their negligence allowed the abuse to occur. For example, an employer may be found negligent if they failed to conduct a background check and ended up hiring a sex offender. When sexual abuse could have been prevented by third parties, it’s important to hold those third parties accountable.

Establishing liability in these cases is complex, so you will need to discuss your case with an experienced sexual abuse victims lawyer to understand your legal options.

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