As thousands of Xarelto lawsuits are filed in the federal MDL and state court mass tort programs around the country, two new studies have been released linking Xarelto to two additional side effects. Specifically, one study concluded that Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) increases the risk of an eye bleed in elderly people, and another study concluded that patients who took Xarelto may have a doubling of the risk of a stomach bleed as compared to those taking the anti coagulant Warfarin.

The Hun and Hwang Study: Eye Bleeds – A New Xarelto Side Effect

Xarelto Side Effects - New Studies In June 2015, the results of a study conducted by two doctors, Dr. Judy Hun and Dr. John Hwang, were published in JAMA Opthalmology. The study was performed on elderly patients between the ages of seventy and eighty who switched their blood thinner from Warfarin to Xarelto. The doctors reported that many of the patients began suffering bleeds while they were being weaned off Warfarin.

The specific bleed occurred in the eye and is known as a vitreous hemorrhage. The doctors stated that it occurred in their patients as soon as they began taking Xarelto. This eye bleed happens between the retina of the eye and the eye lens.

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The BMJ Study: Stomach Bleeds

Prior to the release of the Hun and Hwang study, another study was released in April 2015. This study was reported in the BMJ where 46,000 people were assessed. This study concluded that the results could not rule out a more than doubling of the risk of a stomach bleed with Xarelto as compared to Warfarin.

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What Are The Other Xarelto Side Effects?

As detailed in another article on The Legal Herald: “What Are The Side Effects Referenced In Xarelto Lawsuits“, the lawsuits filed to date all show common fact patterns with respect to the injuries and side effects suffered by those who took the blood thinner. One of the more common side effects is abdominal bleeding or a gastrointestinal bleed. This type of bleeding can be very dangerous, as it is difficult to diagnose early. Often, the patient is elderly and will exhibit weakness and symptoms of anemia given the blood loss.

One of the main issues with Xarelto is that the bleeding is uncontrollable. The lawsuits all claim that the manufacturers J&J and Bayer AG did not provide the medical community with a means of reversing the anti-coagulation effect of the drug. This often results in extreme life saving measures having to be taken by medical staff to treat a patient suffering from an internal bleed if they have Xarelto in their blood stream.

Other serious side effects that are common are:

  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Stroke
  • Brain bleed or subdural hematoma – this often results in serious pressure on the brain requiring a craniotomy and many transfusions
  • Spinal or epidural hematoma – we have seen many cases of paralysis from pooling of blood on the spinal chord.
  • rectal, vaginal or colon bleeds – many women have presented with such bleeds
  • liver dysfunction

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