Whitsett, North Carolina - Construction Worker Killed In 18-Foot Fall At FedEx Facility

30-Year-Old Victim Was Employed by Eddie George & Co.

The North Carolina Department of Labor has indicated that the deadly construction accident occurred on Tuesday, December 31st around 10AM.

The victim, whose identity has yet to be released by authorities, is reported to have been working at the 6538 Judge Adams Road FedEx Facility when he suffered the deadly fall. It is believed that the man was on an elevated platform installing a metal grate floor component when he fell more than 18 feet, landing on his head.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and were able to transport the victim to Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro, NC with severe injuries. Unfortunately, the man would not survive the trauma suffered in the accident.

Authorities are currently investigating. Given that the incident was a work-related, the state’s OSHA division is also conducting their own study of the events that led to this tragedy.

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In researching the facts of this incident, I was able to gather some valuable insight for victims of construction accidents and their families. Here is what experienced personal injury lawyer Laurence Banville of BanvilleLaw.com had to offer those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

PA: Why are accidents on construction sites so deadly?

LB: The construction industry is an inherently high-risk career, no matter the situation. This is due to all of the equipment and tools encountered on sites which, although they are incredibly effective and helpful, can also turn deadly very quickly.

Moreover, construction sites are often populated with employees of different contracting companies which makes it more likely for miscommunications to occur and improper procedures to be followed. Whereas these issues could be benign in an office work space, they can result in the deaths of workers on a construction site.

PA: What options exist for construction employees injured while on-the-job?

LB: Every worker in the United States is entitled to compensation via the worker’s comp system whenever they suffer any kind of injury in the work place. Of course, this extends to construction workers as well.

A worker’s compensation claim, if successful, can help pay for medical expenses that resulted from the workplace injury. In some cases, it can also cover a portion of lost wages if an employee cannot work due to the injury.

PA: Can employees sue their employer after a workplace injury?

LB: It is only in very specific circumstances where an employee can sue their employer after an injury. This is due to the fact that employers must pay for worker’s compensation insurance plans which cover injured workers while removing the possibility of a lawsuit.

Yet, on construction sites, if an accident is caused by a negligent third party such as an employee of another contractor or company, then a lawsuit could potentially be filed to help recover damages on a subsequent injury.

PA: How do legal options change when an employee is killed by a work accident, as opposed to suffering a non-lethal injury?

LB: In the tragic instances when a worker suffers a deadly accident, the door is opened for the victim’s family and sometimes even for other dependents to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Through this lawsuit, those affected the most by the accident can pursue a compensation that takes into account additional damages such as loss of companionship, funeral/burial costs, loss of future income and emotional distress, among others.

Those who find themselves in these situations should always consult an experienced construction accident attorney who will be able to analyze their case, lay out all of the options, and then fight tirelessly for justice.



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