Westport, Massachusetts – 2 Workers Injured In Structure Collapse At Work Site On Route 6 Victims Were Employed On Project Site For New TownePlace Suites By Marriott At 98 State Rd.

Two construction employees suffered injuries while working on erecting a new structure at the 98 State Road construction site, the future location of a new four-story, 14,5000 sq. ft. TownePlace Suites hotel. The accident occurred around 3PM on Tuesday, November 19th.

The truss system of the unfinished structure appears to have failed and caused the men to fall 15 to 20 feet onto a concrete surface. Westport Fire Department responded to the emergency call and transported the victims to Rhode Island Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The Westport Police Department, along with OSHA officials and the city’s Buildings Department, are investigating the accident.

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An experienced construction injury attorney at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville shared the following details for those who may have been victims of injuries on all types of work sites:

“Many people believe that since construction workers are knowingly engaging in a dangerous job, that they may not receive benefits if they suffer an injury in the workplace. Fortunately, this is completely false, as injured construction employees are protected by the same rights as employees in other industries.

In the end, if an injury is suffered while working, then an employee has the right to go through the worker’s compensation system.

What’s less straightforward is the claims process itself. It can often be complex and confusing, and possess obstacles that can prevent workers from receiving the full compensation they deserve. In these scenarios, victims can seek the help of an experienced lawyer when filing their claims.

Since worker’s comp claims are usually paid out by insurance companies, these insurance providers will often try many strategies to decrease payouts. A construction injury attorney will be familiar with these tactics and be able to combat them effectively.

Additionally, if the circumstances of the construction incident allow for a lawsuit to be filed, a lawyer can manage both of these separate legal proceedings at the same time. While their rights are being defended and their compensation is being pursued, victims and their families have the ability to concentrate on what’s really important: recovery and healing.”



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