Westport CT Construction Worker Severely Injured After Car Crashes Into Work Zone On Rte 1

Victim Transported To Norwalk Hospital For Treatment

The incident is believed to have occurred near the 300 block of Post Road West (Route 1) around 9PM on Tuesday, October 15th.

The victim was part of a crew completing a paving project that will span the entirety of Rte 1. At some point, the worker was struck by a vehicle that had passed by in the eastbound direction.

Westport police and fire units responded to the emergency. After arriving and treating the victim at the scene, they then transported him to Norwalk Hospital with grave injuries.

While no charges have been filed, local authorities along with OSHA officials are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

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In researching the facts of this news story, I had the chance to converse with Laurence Banville, an attorney at BanvilleLaw.com with experience in cases related to workplace injuries. He shared the following insight for construction workers who may find themselves in a similar situation:

“The health of construction employees is constantly at risk not only because of the hazardous tools with which they work, but also because of the dangerous environments they labor in.

For example, those who work closely with heavy machinery on an everyday basis must be alert so as not to get hit by them. By the same token, a worker who employs a nail gun must always be careful not “shoot” themselves or others.

Yet, the where of a construction site can also mean risk. If a worker is completing tasks at altitude such as on a lift, they are at risk of falling. And if a construction employee is present on a road-side project, the passing traffic will also be a risk.

Even considering how hazardous construction work is, this doesn’t mean that workers hurt on a site don’t deserve the same rights to compensation. In fact, the law itself states that construction workers possess the same rights as other employees to file claims.

Unfortunately, most who suffer injuries on construction sites aren’t familiar with the legal process and may not know how to fight for the benefits they deserve. This is where an experienced construction injury attorney can help.

An attorney and their team bring the experience of past cases and use it to pursue the compensation that victims and their families truly deserve. And if a past claim has been denied, they can also work on appeals. Indeed, the help of an attorney through a worker’s comp claim can prove invaluable to those who need it most.”



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