Waverly, Rhode Island - One Woman Killed, Two Others Injured In Alleged Shooting At Babcock Village Apartments

Resident of the 122 Cross St. complex allegedly shot three others before committing suicide

Police Identified Joseph Giachello As The Shooter

According to The Westerly Sun, one woman was killed and two others were inflicted with gunshot wounds on Thursday, December 19th at their residence and place of employment, the Babcock Village Apartment Complex, located at 122 Cross Street.

Police have indicated that Joseph Giachello, also a resident of the complex, became distressed when he was spotted violating the no-smoking regulations of the complex. It is believed that this incident led him to go to the administrative office around 10:30AM on the day of the incident and allegedly shooting Robin Moss of Cranston, the manager of the premises, Julie Cardinal, a manager-in-training, and Donna Thornley, a resident. Of these three victims involved, Julie Cardinal would unfortunately pass away, though Moss and Thornley survived and are expected to recover.

Upon their arrival on the scene, the Westerly Police Department encountered Giachello in his residence, apparently deceased due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Westerly Police Chief indicated that, though they had encountered Giachello numerous times in the past, a well-being check performed in early 2018 found that he was not in need of any services.

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Victims Injured in Residential Building Shooting Have Legal Options

Victims of violent crimes and their families may not be aware that there are various legal options at their disposal. Brian Kent, a contributor to Legal Herald and attorney at CrimeVictim.Attorney, shared the following legal insight with regards to what some of these are.

“It is very likely that none of us would every visit any kind of private property, such as a store, gas station, or apartment complex if we knew that the owner of that building was not making sure that we are safe while we are there. Fortunately, essentially every state has laws which address the responsibility that property owners have to address security on commercial and residential buildings. As a result of these widespread regulations, the victims of various types of injures or crimes may be able to hold the owner of a property accountable for what injuries they may suffer.

One of the ways in which victims of crime and their loved ones may be able to hold the property owner accountable is by filing a civil lawsuit. Through this legal proceeding, the victim(s) can pursue a financial compensation that aims to cover the damages that resulted from the crime.

The basis for receiving a compensation via a lawsuit is that, for example, the owner of an apartment building is usually held accountable for security measures in common areas. The case may be different if an incident occurs within one of the units, but in general, anything that can’t be controlled by the individual renter will usually fall under the property owner’s responsibility.”

If you or a loved one were the victims of a residential building shooting, consider discussing your circumstances with an experienced crime victim attorney who will be able to analyze your case and explain all of the legal options available.



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