Waukesha, Wisconsin - Construction Worker Severely Injured When Concrete Wall Falls On Him

26-Year-Old Victim Treated At Froedtert Hospital For Head Trauma

The construction injury occurred the morning of November 7th on the 1700 block of East Broadway in Waukesha.

Waukesha Fire & Police responded to a report of an industrial accident and upon their arrival, they encountered the victim on the third story of an unfinished structure. Reports indicate that the victim had been crushed by a pre-assembled segment of concrete wall that tipped over on to him. As a result, the Milwaukee native suffered injuries to his legs and head.

The man was transported to nearby Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa for treatment of his injuries which were considered non-life-threatening. The Wisconsin state OSHA division was called to the scene and is currently investigating.

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“Although not often praised, construction workers are some of the most hard working and dedicated professionals in this country. Indeed, it takes a special type of person to head in to work every day knowing that just about any task could cause a severe injury or even death.

Fortunately, in the terrible cases when construction employees do get injured, they are protected by the same rights that protect all other types of employees – the right to compensation via a worker’s comp claim.

A worker’s compensation claim is filed after suffering a workplace injury and if successful can provide a reward that covers medical costs and other damages resulting from the injury. On the other hand, if the claim is not properly filed, it can lead to a reduced payout or even outright denial. Even more troublesome is the fact that insurance companies are often responsible for paying out these claims, and these insurance providers will try all kinds of tactics to reduce the amount of benefits they pay out.

In these situations, the counsel of an experience construction accident lawyer can prove critical. An attorney will be familiar with the tactics employed by insurance companies and be able to fight against them, helping victims to receive the full compensation they deserve.

An attorney will also be able to research the case and determine if a lawsuit can be filed, helping the victim and their loved ones receive even more in compensation after their injury.”



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