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TJay's Bar and Grill

TJay’s Bar & Grille in Waterbury, where 2 men were injured in a shooting on August 25.

Police Searching For Suspects in Shooting at TJay’s Bar & Grill

Two men were wounded in a shooting at a bar on Waterville Street in the early hours of Saturday morning. Police were called to the scene on reports of shots fired inside of TJay’s Bar and Grill at 790 Waterville Street shortly after 4 a.m. on Saturday. Officers arrived at the scene and found 37-year-old Arnold Burfict with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. They found a second victim on the property, 22-year-old Maleke Sockell, who had a gunshot wound to his right knee.

Both victims were brought to nearby hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. A police investigation into the shooting is ongoing and no information on suspects has been released.

Are Bar Owners Liable For Violent Crime Injuries on Their Properties?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney has some thoughts to share concerning property owner liability for violent incidents like shootings and stabbings:

When we visit a bar, nightclub, restaurant, or any other business, there is an expectation that the property is safe. The owners of these establishments are legally required to keep their premises reasonably safe from foreseeable dangers that could cause injuries. Sometimes, shootings, stabbings, and other violent crimes may be considered foreseeable. If someone commits a violent crime which may have been preventable with better security, the bar owner could possibly be held liable if anyone injured during the crime files a lawsuit.

Additionally, Connecticut and most other states have dram shop laws which allow alcohol vendors to be held liable for serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated customers if one of these customers injures someone else because they were too intoxicated.

If you or a loved one was recently injured or killed during a violent crime at a place of business, we advise discussing your legal options with an experienced crime victim lawyer. This will help you determine if your family has grounds for a lawsuit against the property owner.

Location of TJay’s Bar and Grill in Waterbury

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