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premier bar in warren ohio

Premier Bar in Warren, where one woman stabbed another on Sunday, July 29.

Tara Rutherford Charged With Felonious Assault In Bar Stabbing Case

29-year-old Tara Rutherford has been arrested and charged with felonious assault in connection with a bar stabbing. According to police, she stabbed another woman in the chest at Premier Bar in Warren. Police were called to the bar on Sunday, July 29 at around 1 a.m. and found the victim sitting on the ground and asking for help. After the stabbing, security separated the women and waited for police to arrive. Rutherford was arrested on site and brought to Trumbull County Jail, while the victim was rushed to Trumbull Memorial Hospital.

History of Incidents At Premier Bar

Premier Bar has been known under several other names and had several other owners over the years, but complaints, violence, and police investigations have remained constant throughout the years.

In 2015, the bar was known as Paradise Bar and Grille. It closed temporarily after three people were shot that January of that year. In 2011, a man who formerly worked as a bouncer got into a fight with a bar employee and later died.

In 2008, when the bar was known as Benji Brown’s, it was declared a nuisance after several citizens filed complaints about illegal activity. The bar closed after its previous owner was named in a criminal indictment.

Are Bar Owners Liable For Failing To Prevent Violence?

Business owners have a legal obligation to their customers – it’s up to them to do all that they can to make sure their environment is safe and that there are no preventable hazards which could lead to a customer getting hurt. Taking precautions to reduce the risk of violent crime is part of this obligation. This is especially true when the business has a history of violent incidents.

When a customer gets injured or killed and the bar owner failed to provide adequate security, the crime victim could have grounds for a lawsuit. However, determining liability is a complex process which will require assistance from an experienced crime victim lawyer.

Location of Premier Bar In Warren

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