Tuscaloosa, Alabama - 2 Workers Citically Injured On Bryant-Denny Stadium Construction Site

Men Were Operating A Manlift When It Was Struck By 2 Concrete Beams

The tragic construction incident took place in the afternoon of Saturday, January 25th, around 5PM. The construction employees were part of the team working on the $92.5 million multi-phase renovation project at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Few details have been release but it has been reported that the two men were operating a manlift when it was struck by two massive concrete beams. The lift was turned on its side and crushed by the weight of the beams, while also trapping the men inside.

Upon their arrival, emergency crews were able to extricate the two workers who exhibited critical injuries. Both were promptly transported to DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa for treatment. No further updates have been released regarding their health status, nor their identities. The Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue is carrying on an investigation, and the state’s occupational health and safety office is likely to get involved as well.

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