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Tiny Tots Learning Spot

Tiny Tots Learning Spot in Tulsa, which is now permanently closed, according to Google Maps.

2 Sons of Tiny Tots Daycare Owners Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

On Tuesday, Tulsa police arrested two brothers who have been accused of sexually abusing several children at Tiny Tots Learning Spot, a well-known daycare.

19-year-old Malcolm Burts and 21-year-old Charles Burts have been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of a child under 12 years old. The two brothers are also the sons of the daycare owners.

The police say they spoke with three victims, all of whom are under 7 years old. The Child Crisis Unit believes that the abuse was happening for the past two or three years. Tulsa Police first received reports of abuse in December 2018, when a 7-year-old told her family about being touched inappropriately on a daily basis by both Malcolm and Charles Burts.

Officers began investigating the daycare later that month and another two victims have come forward since then. The victims said the brothers would give them cell phones to distract them and then touch them under their clothes. According to the affidavit, this abuse likely continued for about three years.

The Department of Human Services is also investigating this case. According to a DHS report, at least one of the daycare’s employees was working without a background check.

The daycare is currently shut down and their Google listing says the business is permanently closed.

Can Daycare Owners Be Sued for Sexual Abuse?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of has spent his career helping survivors of sexual assault find justice – first as a prosecutor and now as a civil attorney. We’ve asked him to share some insight regarding how families affected by daycare sexual abuse can find justice:

When we drop our kids off at a daycare, we expect them to be safe and that trustworthy people will be watching over them. But unfortunately, this is not always the case. Like many fields that involve working with children, daycares and preschools are vulnerable to sexual predators who want to use their positions of trust as a means to commit heinous crimes against children.

The people who run these businesses must do all that they can to keep the kids under their watch safe. When allegations of sexual abuse involving a daycare employee arise, it’s important to investigate the daycare and determine why they were unable to prevent the abuse. In many cases, these daycares may be considered negligent and held liable for damages if the victim’s family decides to file a lawsuit.

For example, a daycare would likely be considered negligent if they hired an employee without a background check and that employee had a history of sexual misconduct.

If you believe your child has been sexually abused by a daycare employee, we understand how traumatic this experience has been for your entire family. We want to help you demand accountability from the daycare facility for failing to keep your child safe. You can learn more about your legal options for justice by speaking to one of our experienced sexual abuse attorneys.

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Location of Tiny Tots Learning Spot in Tulsa, OK

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