Construction Worker Injured After Fall In Tolland CT

Construction Worker Flown To Trauma Center

The Tolland Fire Department responded to an emergency call around 3PM on Monday, September 19th after a construction worker suffered a fall on a site in the Willie Circle area.

The man’s current condition is unknown, but he was treated at the scene before being med-evaced by a LIFE STAR emergency unit to a local trauma center.

Few details have been provided with regards to the circumstances of the accident, but it has been reported that OSHA officials were dispatched to the scene to investigate. State police were also conducting an investigation into the accident.

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Laurence Banville, an experienced construction accident attorney from BanvilleLaw.com, was able to provide some insight on the options that construction fall victims have to consider.

“The Occupational Safety & Health Board (OSHA) frequently reports that falls are not only the most common, but also the most grave, construction site accidents. In fact, just in 2012, there were almost 280 construction worker deaths resulting from falls.

These falls can be a result of improperly-assembled scaffolding, or maybe even due to a poorly placed ladder. As a preventative measure, some states have even implemented specific regulation that deals with situations in which workers are performing tasks at heights.

But construction site falling accidents can be much simpler, and often manifest as slips and falls. A construction site is riddled with hazards; for example, some of the most common include:

  • Slippery surfaces
  • Flooring with poor traction
  • Openings in walls and floors

After a workplace injury, a construction worker may pursue compensation via a workers’ comp claim. In some specific circumstances, they may even be able to file a lawsuit against negligent parties, even if a workers’ comp claim has been submitted.

It is recommended to contact an experienced construction fall attorney to discuss all of the legal options at the disposal of victims and their families.”



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