Testosterone Provider Sues Life Time Fitness Banville Law reports that Life Time Fitness has found its way into some legal troubles. The business, who terms themselves “the healthy way of life company”, operates more than 110 fitness facilities across the nation and in Canada. Their gyms offer a broad variety of health-focused resources for members and many even provide convenient around-the-clock operation hours.

The company partnered with the Low T Center in Dallas, Texas to develop an in-house testosterone treatment for members in 2014. This decision ultimately earned them a lawsuit in June of 2015 from the Texas clinic’s parent company, Low T Holdings, which sued for what they alleged to be a breach of contract. In August, the lawsuit was transferred to a federal court in Dallas.

The Lawsuit Details

Allegedly, the deal was designed to increase Low T Center’s profitability by presenting the drug options to “health-minded individuals,” as stated in the complaint. This joint venture went sour when Life Time Fitness allegedly neglected to meet set performance targets in October of 2014, some of which included displaying banners and other Low T marketing or promotional materials in the facilities.

As the lawsuit from Low T Center claims, in neglecting these agreed upon requirements, Life Time Fitness undermined them as a business partner, even going so far as to display competitors’ product ads in several of their facilities.

Additionally, the complaint alleges that Life Time Fitness told members “we’d recommend acting on all the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices that help optimize testosterone,” before resorting to the testosterone therapy drugs themselves.

The lawsuit claimed that Life Time Fitness informed members that its nutritional supplements could provide much of the same benefits of Low T Center’s offered hormone therapy, for less of an expense. Details of the suit state “Even today, Life Time is actively attempting to ‘sell’ its members ineffective, non-medical, over-the-counter ‘testosterone supplements’ on its websites.”

What Is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is a controversial treatment that has been marketed primarily to aging men who suffer from symptoms associated with lowering levels of testosterone. Decreased testosterone levels happen naturally as men age, and this can cause some unpleasant side effects. Commonly experienced side effects include a decrease in sex drive, muscle mass, and bone mass, and an increase in mood swings, irritability, and weight, among other things.

The medicines marketed to treat low testosterone are controversial because they have recently been the focus of many lawsuits. Some patients who have these products allege that they have caused several serious health conditions, ranging from blood clots, to strokes and heart attacks. Additionally, complaints have suggested that the manufacturers of the products have used aggressive marketing to target individuals that may be experiencing normal aging symptoms and do not necessarily need these types of drugs.

Legal Answers For Victims

If you are looking for additional information on testosterone lawsuits, please contact Laurence Banville, Esq. of Banville Law, who is currently assisting both individuals and families across the U.S. who wish to file a complaint in the pending litigation. To obtain more information or contact Banville Law, please visit LowTestosteroneCase.com or call 888-478-9711 at your convenience.

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