Boston Market Parking Lot Stabbing Tacomy Philadelphia

One in critical condition after stabbing in Boston Market parking lot.

Violence Strikes Outside Boston Market in Philadelphia Tacony Section

According to local 6abc, on Monday May 20th at around 7 p.m. a man was stabbed in the arm in the parking lot of a Boston Market in Tacony Philadelphia. Witnesses at the scene explain to police that there was an altercation between the victim and a man, who then proceeded to stab the victim. The victim suffered severe blood loss from the stab wound in his arm.

A bystander called the police and shortly after Officer Maryanne Bennett arrived at the scene. Officer Bennett is believed to have saved the victim’s life by applying a tourniquet to the wound. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross believes without Officer Bennett, the victim would have died from his injury stating, “I don’t think he would’ve had any chance of survival, according to witnesses at the scene he’d already started to lose consciousness.” The victim was hospitalized and remains in critical condition.

According to the police the suspect is described as a white man with facial hair believed to be between the ages 20 and 30 who was seen in a white shirt and jeans. A weapon was discovered at the scene, yet no arrests have been made in this case.

A Prior History Of Violence In The Area. Should Boston Market Have Provided Security?

In the same area of Tacony Philadelphia, just over an hour before this horrific stabbing, a 52 year old woman and 39 year old man were found shot at the 7000 block of Charles Street. The woman suffered a gunshot wound to the back and the man was shot in the left arm as well as his head.

There have been no arrests made in this case. Both victims were hospitalized and are in stable condition. For more information on this incident click here.

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Can Victims Of Such Stabbings Sue The Business For Inadequate Security?

Attorney Brian Kent, represents victims of criminal violence in their pursuit of justice against negligent parties.

“There are various legal options open to victims and their families who were injured or killed because of inadequate security” stated Mr. Kent. He continued: “Restaurants and fast food chains all owe a duty of care to those on their premises to protect them from foreseeable reasonable harm.” In our conversation with Mr. Kent he concluded that if the facts show that the restaurant ought to have known that the parking lot was unsafe for patrons then they should provide adequate security to protect them. If they did not do that, then there would be a viable claim by those injured in a stabbing or shooting on the premises. For more information on liability of restaurants in similar scenarios visit: https://crimevictim.attorney/negligent-security/restaurant-bar/

If you have further information that would assist the police in apprehending those responsible, then please contact the Philadelphia Police Department.

For legal questions about this, we encourage you to reach out to Mr. Kent who provided his legal analysis for this story

Local News Coverage From 6ABC News in Philadelphia, PA

Location of Boston Market, Tacony Philadelphia – scene of the crime

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