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Lakeside Mall

Lakeside Mall, the location of a Healing Touch massage facility where a woman says she was sexually assaulted by an employee.

Woman Reports Alleged Sexual Assault At Sterling Heights Massage Business

On August 8, Latoya Tillmon told police that she was sexually assaulted by a male massage therapist at the Healing Touch massage business in Lakeside Mall. Tillmon was a first-time customer at the business. She says that the massage stayed normal up until the end, when the male massage therapist allegedly rubbed his genitals on her hands and groped her breasts. The man then walked out and demanded payment.

Tillmon left and reported the incident to mall security. Next, she filed a report with the Sterling Heights Police, who are currently investigating the incident. Fox 2 Detroit says that the general manager of Lakeside Mall is working with police to investigate the alleged sexual assault.

Can Victims of Massage Therapist Sexual Assault File Lawsuits?

Here is attorney contributor Brian Kent of with some information on civil liability in massage therapist sexual assault cases:

The massage business is built on trust. Massage therapists are usually alone with their clients and in an industry based on physical touch, it’s crucial that all massage therapists conduct themselves professionally. Unfortunately, a handful of massage therapists are sexual predators who use their positions of trust to sexually abuse their clients. The victims of this type of sexual abuse often have grounds for a lawsuit against the massage therapist and, in some cases, the massage business that employed the therapist. In order to hold the business liable, your lawyer will need to prove that the business was negligent in a way that enabled the assault – such as failing to run background checks or allowing an employee with complaints of sexual misconduct to continue working.

Legal options vary by case and are dependent on circumstances. Survivors of sexual assault by massage therapists should consider speaking with an experienced sexual assault victims lawyer to gain a fuller understanding of their legal rights.

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