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Crossroads Elementary

Crossroads Elementary in St. Paul, where a teacher is accused of assaulting a teen.

St. Paul Police Investigate Possible Sexual Assault at Crossroads Elementary

Police in St. Paul are investigating a report of a sexual assault committed by a Crossroads Elementary staffer on a teenage student from another school.

On September 17, police received a report of alleged sexual contact between a 17-year-old Cretin-Derham Hall student and a staffer from Crossroads Elementary at the elementary school in January, while the student was there for a school service project.

On Friday, September 28, police said that the incident is still under investigation and that no arrests have been made.

According to a spokesperson with St. Paul Public Schools, the employee, who has not been publicly named, was immediately placed on administrative leave. The spokesperson also has said that the school district is working with the police department.

Cretin-Derham Hall has also suspended sending students to the service site at Crossroads Elementary “out of an abundance of caution.”

Legal Recourse For Victims of School Sexual Assault

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of specializes in helping the survivors of sexual assault find justice through the civil court system. We’ve asked him to contribute some information on the legal options available to sexual violence survivors and their families:

All parents should be able to expect that their child’s school is a safe environment. But unfortunately, sometimes schools can be the setting of sexual abuse by staff members and fellow students. When a teacher or other school staffer engages in any type of sexual conduct with a student, it’s important to make sure they’re prosecuted, that the student gets the support they need, and that the school is held liable if their negligence was a contributing factor to the abuse.

In some cases of school sexual abuse, negligence on the part of the school is partially to blame for failing to stop the abuse. For example, a school district may be considered negligent for failing to fire a teacher with previous accusations of sexual misconduct. When sexual abuse of a student could have been prevented if it weren’t for negligence, the victim’s family may have grounds for a lawsuit against the district.

In order to determine if a school can be considered negligent for sexual abuse by a staffer, the case will need to be reviewed by an experienced sex abuse victims lawyer. If your family is in this troubling situation, we advise speaking with one of our lawyer in a free consultation.

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