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Willard's Liquors in Saint Paul

Willard’s Liquors in Saint Paul, where 3 people were wounded in a shooting on August 18.

Police Respond To Triple Shooting At Willard’s Liquors

Police in Saint Paul are investigating a shooting that left three people wounded outside of Willard’s Liquors over the weekend. Police were initially called to the bar on reports of a woman trying to run people over with her vehicle. As they were responding, they received reports of multiple gunshots around Willard’s Liquors at Thomas Avenue and Grotto Street. Additionally, two people called 911 separately to report that they’d been shot.

Officers found a woman with a gunshot wound in her leg and hip area and a man with a gunshot wound to his leg outside of the bar. They also found a woman nearby who had been shot in her ankle. Paramedics brought the 28, 31, and 35-year-old victims to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

The police also found empty shotgun shells on the street. The injured man told police that he had parked his vehicle and got out when he witnessed an altercation outside of the bar. He claims he was hit in the head by a hard object, then felt a pain in his leg and realized he had been hit by a bullet. He says he then brought out a shotgun in self-defense and fired it a few times. Police found a shotgun next to the man’s vehicle.

Police are still investigating this shooting and no arrests have been made as of Monday, August 20.

Can Bar Owners Be Sued For Failing To Prevent Violence?

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney has experience helping violent crime victims recover financial compensation for their economic and noneconomic setbacks. Here he is with some information on third party liability in shootings and stabbings at businesses:

Owning a bar, nightclub, restaurant, or any other business is a big responsibility. Keeping customers safe from preventable dangers is a key part of this responsibility. Bar owners have a legal obligation to protect their customers from foreseeable dangers. In some cases, violent crimes that occur at bars and nightclubs may have been preventable by better security. Additionally, sometimes bar customers are served alcohol even after they’ve become visibly intoxicated, which can lead to injuries suffered in bar fights, shootings, and stabbings.

If a business owner is aware of a high risk of crime but fails to take measures to prevent crime, he or she should be held liable for violent crime injuries if the victim decides to file a lawsuit. Alcohol vendors can also be held liable if they served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated customer who injured someone else because they were intoxicated.

Proving third party liability in violent crime cases is complex. We advise victims of violent crime and the families of those killed by violent crime to speak with an experienced crime victim attorney about their legal options.

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