Shooting leaves 7 injured and 1 dead at Dala Thai Restaurant and Banquet Hall

A deadly shooting took place in the parking lot of Dala Thai Restaurant & Banquet Hall in Spring Lake Park, MN.

No Suspects in Custody For Fatal Shooting Outside of Dala Thai Restaurant

According to CNN, a shooting left one person dead and seven others injured outside of Dala Thai Restaurant and Banquet Hall located at 8407 Plaza Blvd NE, Spring Lake Park, MN. After multiple shots were fired, 19-year-old Chai Yang was killed. No suspects were identified at the scene, although one person has identified as a person of interest in the investigation.

Other victims were treated at the scene by police and medical personnel with noncritical injuries. The Spring Lake Park Police Department are working the case and are using surveillance footage of the incident to identify persons of interest in the shooting. It is believed that the incident was gang related.

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Legal Options For Victims of Parking Lot Shootings

Attorney contributor Brian Kent works with victims of violent crimes. Below he has agreed to provide some insight on the elements required to bring a lawsuit against perpetrators of violent crimes. His comments may answer questions people have in situations like this such as, “Can I sue for being shot at a restaurant?

“First, property owners are obligated by law to provide safety to all of their customers and employees who roam the property on a daily basis. To provide safety, property owners typically offer security like video surveillance or parking lot lighting at night, but other alternatives may be necessary. When violent crimes occur on the property, like a shooting, the owner may be held liable if it can be proven that he or she did not take proper precaution in installing security.

Nonetheless, a restaurant owner will not necessarily be made liable just because the security provided was inadequate. A violent crime victim attorney must also show that the crime that occurred on or around the premises was reasonably foreseeable. This means that if the restaurant owner knew of an increased number of shootings in the area and chose not to upgrade security, the victim of the violent crime may have grounds for a valid lawsuit.

Violent crimes often result in large expenses for victims in their families which can include medical costs, funeral expenses, and lost wages. While restitution may be ordered in criminal court, it is often not enough to offset these costs. That is why it is important to retain an attorney who can prove that a property owner acted negligently.” said Kent.

Location of Dala Restaurant and Banquet Hall in Spring Lake Park, MN




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