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W 4th St & Main Ave in Sioux Falls

The intersection of W 4th St and Main Ave in Sioux Falls, where an alleged drunk driver hit a Sip-N-Cycle.

Several Injured After Alleged Drunk Driver Strikes Sip-N-Cycle

Police in Sioux Falls arrested 25-year-old Justin Rabago after his vehicle collided with a Sip-N-Cycle near the intersection of W 4th St. and Main Ave on August 4. The Sip-N-Cycle has become a popular downtown attraction where participants pedal a bike from their own bar stool while being served drinks. According to police, Rabago was traveling south when he struck the Sip-N-Cycle, which was traveling north. Eight of the twelve people on board were sent to the hospital with serious injuries following the accident. Rabago faces several charges, including vehicular battery, driving without a license or insurance, and DUI 3rd offense.

Financial Compensation For Drunk Driving Victims

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney would like to add some thoughts on the legal options available for drunk driving victims:

The victims of drunk drivers are often saddled with a variety of emotional, physical, and financial setbacks. This is why many of these victims decide to pursue legal action by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Lawsuits can be filed against the drunk driver directly, and in some cases, against third parties who could have done more to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents. Determining liability in drunk driving cases is a complicated process which will require assistance from an experienced drunk driving accident victims lawyer.

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