Woman Killed in Alleged Shooting on Pine Street and 3rd Avenue Seattle, Washington

Total of 8 people allegedly shot outside of McDonald’s on Pine Street in Seattle, Washington

7 People Injured, 1 Dead in Alleged Shooting on 3rd Avenue and Pine Street Near McDonald’s

According to KIRO 7 News, a woman was killed and 7 others injured in an alleged shooting Wednesday, January 22nd on 3rd Avenue and Pine Street. Authorities stated shots were fired near the McDonald’s where two men engaged in an argument before firing. The two suspects reportedly fled the scene.

Officials stated that a 9-year-old boy was a victim among the others injured in the deadly incident. Surveillance was being reviewed when officers identified two men, Marquis Tolbert, 24, and William Tolliver, 24.

The identified suspects have not been apprehended and anyone with information leading to their arrests are urged to call 9-1-1. Both men are believed to be armed and dangerous

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Legal Options for Shooting Victims

Brian Kent is a contributor to the Legal Herald and attorney at CrimeVictim.Attorney who represents the victims of violent crimes in civil cases. Below, he has offered to share his knowledge of the legal pathways victims can take

“Property and business owners are held legally responsible for the safety of their customers and guests. Under the premises liability law, these owners must provide safe premises to anyone who visits the property. Adequate security must be in place and can range from having lit parking lots and sidewalks to on-duty officers. When the safety of the customers is jeopardized by not having such security features, the owner can be found negligent.

A civil law attorney must be able to prove that a reasonably foreseeable crime occurred due to the property owner’s negligence. A reasonably foreseeable crime occurs when proper security either does not work or wasn’t upgraded or put into place after the owner is made aware of elevated crime in the area. If the property owner is indeed found guilty, compensation may be awarded to anyone who was injured or killed in an incident such as a shooting.

Whether a victim survives or not, injury related expenses can stack against the victim and their families. Regardless, the bills must be paid no matter if a victim lost a job, became paralyzed, or passed away. Fortunately, filing a private civil suit can secure the compensation these victims and families deserve and which can alleviate these financial pressures,” empathized Kent.

Location of 3rd Avenue and Pine Street



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