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Dr. Joel Jerome Laury’s clinic in Scranton – the site of 3 alleged sexual assaults.

2 Students, 1 Patient Accuse Scranton Allergist of Sexual Assault

Today, August 1, a preliminary hearing was held for Joel Jerome Laury, M.D. The Scranton allergist faces charges of indecent assault after a 20-year-old college student claimed he sexually assaulted her while she was shadowing him at his Scranton medical clinic in June. This student was the only one to testify in the case, but two other individuals have also accused Laury of inappropriate sexual conduct. Magisterial District Judge Laura Turlip determined that there was sufficient evidence to hold Laury for trial on misdemeanor charges of indecent assault without consent and open lewdness. Additionally, he faces a summary count of harassment.

On Friday, July 27, investigators filed additional charges against Laury. One incident involved a different 20-year-old college student, and another involved a 13-year-old patient who spoke out after Laury’s initial arrest about inappropriate touching by the doctor. Laury has another preliminary hearing on those charges scheduled for Monday at 10:15 a.m.

Are There Often Multiple Victims In Doctor Sexual Abuse Cases?

While this case is still in the preliminary stages and we must make the assumption of innocence until proven guilty, what we’ve seen with this case so far is relatively common in doctor sexual abuse cases. Both the second and third victim to come forward said that they did so after seeing news coverage of the first case. It’s common for victims of sexual abuse and assault to stay silent for years but find the courage to come forward after seeing that the same abuser has hurt others.

What Are The Legal Rights For Survivors Of Doctor Sexual Abuse?

If you’re a survivor of sexual violence and thinking of coming forward, there are a variety of ways to get help. Consider contacting the police, a survivors’ rights group like RAINN, and an experienced sexual abuse victims lawyer to learn more about your options.

Survivors of sexual abuse and assault deserve justice and support when they do decide to come forward. The criminal justice system is key to punishing sexual predators and keeping them off the streets before they can hurt others. However, many victims find that this system does little to directly assist them.

This is why it’s often wise to consider filing a sexual abuse lawsuit against your abuser, their employer, and/or any other parties who may have enabled the abuse to occur. In cases where an employer’s negligence enabled sexual abuse (such as hiring a doctor with a prior history of abuse), that employer could be considered negligent and held liable for financial compensation to the victim.

Horizon Medical Corporation – Location of Laury’s Clinic

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