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Former Webster at Rye custodian Hugh McIntyre is accused of sexually assaulting an elderly patient.

Grand Jury Indicts Former Webster at Rye Custodian For Sexual Assault

Former Webster at Rye custodian Hugh McIntyre has been indicted on sexual assault charges by a Rockingham County Superior Court grand jury. The 69-year-old former custodian is accused of sexually assaulting an 86-year-old patient at the assisted living facility in Rye.

The indictments allege that McIntyre entered a private bathroom on January 28, where he allegedly sexually assaulted the woman through the use of physical force. The indictments also accuse McIntyre of taking exploiting the woman due to her age and physical disability.

According to the indictment, the woman was a patient in the facility’s longterm memory unit and her disability “rendered her incapable of freely arriving at an independent choice as to whether or not to engage in sexual conduct.”

McIntyre was arrested on April 2 on three misdemeanor charges of simple assault, sexual assault, and abuse of a facility resident. Even though these are misdemeanor charges, they carry potentially higher sentences because the charges involve an elderly victim with a physical disability.

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Legal Recourse For Nursing Home Abuse Victims and Their Families

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of AbuseGuardian.com represents victims of sexual abuse in civil lawsuits, with a specialization in cases involving sexual predators in positions of trust. Brian has offered to add some general information regarding the legal rights of nursing home abuse victims and their families:

Every nursing home resident deserves to be treated respectfully and their family members deserve the peace of mind of knowing that their loved one is safe. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are responsible for making sure that their residents are protected from abuse and neglect. But sadly, there have been widespread reports of abuse and neglect in nursing homes throughout the nation.

When a nursing home resident is sexually abused by an employee, that employee must be investigated and prosecuted and the facility also should be investigated to determine if their negligence played a role in enabling the abuse to occur. For example, a nursing home could be held liable for abuse by an employee if the nursing home had failed to have preventative measures in place for reducing the risk of abuse.

In cases involving nursing home negligence, the victims and their families may have grounds for a lawsuit against the facility. If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you can learn more about your family’s legal rights by speaking with an experienced sexual assault survivors attorney.

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