Three Ross High School Students Injured In Crash Semi-Truck OH

Crash Took Place At Intersection Of Cincinnati-Brookville Road (SR 126) And Brown Farm Drive

The Ross Township Police Department responded on Friday, October 4th around 5PM to an accident between a passenger car and a semi-truck that left four victims with injuries.

Three of the victims were traveling in the passenger car, and all were students of Ross High School which is located less than three miles from the scene. The other, less-gravely injured victim was the driver of the semi-truck.

The driver, along with the front passenger, of the student’s vehicle had to be airlifted due to the life-threatening nature of their injuries. The third passenger, who was in the back seat, did not suffer injuries as acute as the others, though they were taken to the Children’s hospital in Liberty Township for treatment nonetheless.

The semi-truck driver had to be transported by emergency units to Fort Hamilton Hospital, though his injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, with the names of the victims being withheld until more information can be gathered regarding the circumstances. Likewise, no charges have been filed.

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