Rosemount, Minnesota - Two Killed, Three Injured In Rear-End Accident On Highway 55

Deceased Victims Identified As William Louis Craig, 45, And Colette Larae Craig, 48

The deadly crash involving a semi-truck, two passenger vehicles and a Volvo dump truck occurred Thursday, October 17th around 12:30PM at the intersection between Hwy 55 and Doyle Path.

Minnesota State Police reports indicate that the semi was stopped, waiting to make a left turn. The two passenger cars, a Subaru and a dodge truck, were also in queue. It was then when a dump truck, being driven by 46-year-old Fred Tamu Fonji, then collided with the Dodge before pinning the Subaru between it and the semi.

Both passengers of the Subaru, William and Colette Craig, were killed in the incident. The other drivers involved also suffered injuries, none of which were deemed to be life-threatening.

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“Being involved in a truck accident is the kind of tragedy that no one ever hopes to suffer. Unfortunately, they still happen every day, changing the lives of victims and their families permanently.

Individuals involved in collisions with trucks are often object to severe injuries. These can include spinal and brain injuries, which themselves usually imply multiple fractured bones.

Modern medicine has made significant advances in the treatment of these injuries, to the point where many victims can hope to make full recoveries. Yet the most advanced treatment can also carry extreme costs that most Americans simply can’t afford.

Many assume that insurance policies will cover all damages resulting from a truck accident, yet this is hardly the case. All policies have a set amount that they can pay out; when the limit is reached, the benefits will simply stop.

In these cases, filing a truck accident lawsuit may be the only way for victims to recover full compensation and be able to cover all of their medical bills. In some cases, a lawsuit can also provide additional compensation if a victim is no longer able to work and provide for their household.

For this reason, those involved in truck accidents should consult with an attorney who will fight aggressively for the compensation that a victim and their loved ones deserve.”



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