Raleigh, North Carolina - Mother And Child Injured After Being Pinned Under FedEx Truck On I-540

Nearly-Fatal Crash With Tractor-Trailer Occurred Near Capital Boulevard

The accident involving a passenger vehicle and a FedEx tractor-trailer occurred the evening of Thursday, November 1st.

The mother and child were traveling on Interstate 540 when their car collided with a FedEx truck and resulted in it becoming pinned under the truck’s trailer. It is believed that the weather, which has been described as that of heavy rains, could have played a part in the incident. The two victims were taken to the hospital with injuries, though they are not believed to be life-threatening.

Officials also reported that the initial crash caused a second collision as vehicles began to back up on the highway, “upstream” from the crash. At this point, authorities are continuing an investigation and have to yet press any charges.

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Laurence Banville, an experienced truck accident attorney at BanvilleLaw.com and contributor to Legal Herald, offered the following information for those who may have suffered injuries in a similar accident:

“No one thinks they’re going to be the ones involved in a truck collision when they leave the house. Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents happen every day, even to the safest of drivers.

Even knowing this, many folks think that any damages resulting from an accident will be covered by insurance, though this is often times not the truth. An insurance policy will pay out only until it reaches a pre-determined limit. At this point, those who were receiving benefits will stop receiving them, leaving them to deal with any remaining damages by themselves.

In most cases, victims don’t consider taking the legal route because they think it will not be worth it, and that they will most likely lose. But a lawsuit can be the only way for victims and their families to receive the compensation they deserve. This is especially true when injuries or even death results from the negligence of someone else.

A lawsuit can provide financial assistance that covers medical bills past and future as well as remuneration for lost wages and other damages resulting from the truck accident.

Individuals who have suffered injuries in a truck accident and are exploring all of their options should consider discussing their case with an assertive truck accident attorney who will explain the entire process and then fight aggressively for their clients’ rights.”



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