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Several Former Youth Musicians Accuse Ex-Director of Sexual Abuse

A former director of the Utah Valley Youth Symphony has been charged with sexually abusing a teenage musician several years ago. Additionally, several other former musicians from the symphony have come forward with similar allegations against the former director, 70-year-old Brent E. Taylor. Taylor retired in 2017 after over 40 years as director.

In April, Deseret News released an investigative report which detailed sexual misconduct allegations from six men who played in the Utah Valley Youth Symphony under Taylor. Three of these men said that Taylor either sexually abused them or inappropriately touched them while they were teenage members of the symphony. A fourth man discussed sexual contact with Taylor while he was a young teen and said that Taylor provided him with alcohol and marijuana. Another man filed a police report in 2011 which claimed that his brother-in-law was sexually abused by Taylor as a teen. A sixth man, another former orchestra member, told police in 2011 about sexual contact between him and Taylor at Taylor’s home.

The alleged victim in these recent criminal charges was not one of those six men. Two days after the Deseret News report was published, this man contacted investigators and told them about repeated sexual abuse involving Taylor during his time in high school, between 2002 and 2006. This man was also a member of the symphony. The alleged victim also told police that Taylor invited him and other male symphony members to his home, where sexual abuse occurred.

Legal Recourse For Survivors of Sexual Abuse in Youth Organizations

Attorney contributor Brian Kent of is dedicated to helping the survivors of sexual violence find justice. Here are some of his thoughts on the legal rights of those who have been sexually abused in youth organizations:

Youth organizations help our communities by encouraging our young people to develop new skills, work together, and grow into responsible adults. However, youth organizations also attract sexual predators who seek to use their positions of trust and authority to sexually abuse innocent children. When this happens, it’s crucial to find justice for the victims and make sure they get the support they need.

Law enforcement handles the prosecution of sexual predators, but criminal courts rarely directly address the needs of survivors. Fortunately, survivors of sexual violence often have grounds for a lawsuit against the perpetrator and/or the organization which enabled them to commit their terrible crimes. Filing a lawsuit can help provide financial compensation for damages like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and medical and therapy bills.

If you or someone you love has been sexually abused by a leader in a youth organization, you can learn more about your legal options by speaking to one of our experienced child sexual abuse survivors attorneys.

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