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Ultra the Nightclub

Ultra the Nightclub, which has been temporarily shut down after a shooting on September 29.

Ultra the Nightclub Shut Down For 72 Hours Following Shooting

On Saturday, September 29, the Providence Board of Licenses held an emergency meeting to vote on an emergency 72-hour shut-down of Ultra the Nightclub on Pine Street. The Board voted unanimously to pass the closure.

This decision was made after a man was shot in the chest inside of the club early Saturday morning. The Board is concerned with how a gun was allowed to enter the nightclub. The club will be closed through at least Monday while the police conduct their investigation into the shooting and the safety of the club.

Police found the victim outside of the club’s entrance at around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday. He was listed in stable condition at a nearby hospital. Police also said that the man was shot inside the club near the VIP section and dance floor.

No suspect has been arrested yet.

This is the second time that Ultra the Nightclub has been shut down for violence this year. Two people were wounded in a stabbing at the club in March.

Are Nightclub Owners Liable For Shootings and Stabbings?

Attorney Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney represents violent crime victims in civil lawsuits. Here are some of his thoughts on property owner liability for violent crime:

The owners of bars and nightclubs are legally obligated to keep their customers and employees safe. As part of this obligation, these property owners have a duty to take preventative measures for reducing the risk of violent crime. When a shooting or stabbing occurs at a bar or nightclub, it’s important to determine if the property owner was negligent in a way that failed to prevent the violence.

For example, a nightclub owner could potentially be considered negligent for failing to have security measures like security guards and weapons searches. If a customer gets a gun into the club and a shooting occurs, it’s important to determine how the weapon entered the club and if the club owner is at fault.

Assigning liability for a nightclub shooting or stabbing is a complicated legal process. If you or someone you love recently became the victim of violent crime at a business or public place, you can learn more about your family’s legal options by speaking with an experienced crime victim attorney.

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