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SW Pine St & SW 3rd Ave

The corner of SW Pine St and SW 3rd Ave in Portland, where 2 pedestrians were struck by a suspected drunk driver on August 13.

Portland DUI Accident Victims Think Driver Hit Them Purposely

On Monday, August 13, two brothers were hit by a suspected drunk driver in downtown Portland. 33-year-old Aaron Miller and 30-year-old Jordan Miller were standing on a sidewalk looking at scooters on the corner of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Pine Street at around 4 p.m. when they were struck by a silver Mercedes. The brothers say that the driver passed by them, made a U-turn, aimed at them, and then drove up onto the sidewalk and hit them. They think the crash was intentional. According to witnesses, the man was “smiling and laughing” while he drove away from the scene.

Jordan ran after the vehicle as it fled the scene, and another witness chased the man in their vehicle. Police eventually caught up with and arrested 37-year-old Lamar Scott. He faces two counts of second-degree attempted assault, two counts of hit-and-run, and one count each of reckless driving and DUI.

The brothers’ injuries are considered non-life-threatening and they are expected to recover.

Lawsuits For Drunk Driving Victims In Oregon

Drunk driver victims lawyer Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney has some thoughts on legal options available to victims injured and killed by drunk drivers:

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by a drunk driver in Oregon, you should know that the civil court system is available to help you. You will likely have a strong case for damages against the drunk driver and their insurance company, as driving drunk is a clear act of negligence.

Additionally, you may have grounds for a dram shop lawsuit against an alcohol vendor (such as a bar or restaurant) if they served alcohol to the individual who injured you after that individual had become visibly intoxicated.

Oregon also allows social hosts to be held liable if they serve alcohol to a guest who is visibly intoxicated or under age 21 and that guest injures someone else that night. For example, if someone hosts a party and gives alcohol to a 19-year old guest, and that guest drives drunk and injures someone else in an accident, then the party host could be sued by the person who was injured.

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