Pleasant View, Tennessee - Two Construction Workers Gravely Injured In Wall Collapse Accident

Incident Occurred At Sycamore Ridge Construction Behind Sycamore High School

Two construction workers suffered serious injuries in the afternoon hours of Tuesday, November 5th at the D.R.Horton Sycamore Ridge properties which remain under construction.

It is not clear how the wall collapsed or what may have caused it, but by the time that emergency responders arrived on the scene, the injured victims had already been extricated from under the debris. Nevertheless, their injuries were grave, with both men requiring intensive care at a local hospital.

An investigation will be carried out to determine the circumstances that led to this nearly-deadly construction accident.

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A founding partner at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville is an experienced construction accident attorney who prides himself in fighting aggressively for his client’s rights. He shared the following information:

“A construction injury is the kind of accident that no worker thinks will ever happen to them. It is also the kind of situation that they keep at the top of their minds whenever they are on a project site, so as to avoid them at all costs.

Nevertheless, even with the countless regulations and safety standards that must be followed on a construction site, workers continue to get injured. Indeed, these incidents may be occurring at a decreasing rate, but they continue nonetheless.

When workers are injured on a project site, the consequences are felt not only by the victim as physical pain but also by their families and loved ones who must deal with the shock of the accident and most often have to bear additional financial burdens.

For this reason, the law permits injured workers the option of filing a worker’s compensation claim that covers damages resulting from the injury. Unfortunately, insurance companies are usually the ones who have to pay for claims and as a result, they will often do whatever they can to pay less or deny a claim completely.

This is where an experienced construction injury attorney comes in. They can handle all of the paperwork of a worker’s comp claim, as well as all communications with insurance companies on behalf of the client. If an expert’s opinion is necessary to achieve a greater compensation for the victim, they will contact these witnesses as well.

At the end of the day, consulting with a legal counsel when filing a worker’s compensation claim after a construction injury can prove to be worth its weight in gold for victims and their families.”



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