Plainfield, Connecticut - Construction Worker Crushed By Equipment At Plainfield Energy Plant

Deceased Worker Identified As Justin Scott Of Louisiana

A worker laboring at the Plainfield Renewable Energy plant construction site was killed Sunday, October 27th, though the incident was not announced by authorities until October 31st.

It appears Scott was working with a crew to replace an expansion joint at the Millbrook Rd project site when a tension system failed and dropped a heavy piece of equipment on the victim, who happened to be standing beneath it.

Emergency units who responded to the call around 4AM were able to free the man when they arrived. Scott was transported to Plainfield Backus Health Center where he was later pronounced dead.

The accident is being investigated by local authorities as well as OSHA officials.

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“It is widely known that the construction industry is one of, if not the riskiest, industries in the entire United States. This is not merely anecdotal but actually backed up by official reports from OSHA.

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the federal body that supervises workplace injuries and deaths. They not only investigate accidents when they happen, they also implement laws and regulations that should help prevent them in the future.

OSHA’s efforts have been largely successful, and while diminishing in number, construction injuries and deaths continue occurring almost every day.

The workers who are injured have the possibility of receiving a compensation via a worker’s compensation claim. On the other hand, the family of workers who are killed in a construction accident have few options that can be as successful as filing a construction accident lawsuit. Like the worker’s comp claim, the lawsuit can provide the grieving family with a compensation that covers medical bills, loss of income, loss of companionship and more.

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