Orchard Lake, Michigan - Construction Worker In Critical Condition After Trench Collapse

Cherry Hill Drive Construction Site Almost Turned Deadly

The West Bloomfield Fire Department responded to a construction accident on Wednesday, October 23rd involving a man buried in a 15-foot trench after it unexpectedly collapsed.

The victim’s coworkers reacted quickly after the collapse, working to free him. By the time emergency responders arrived, the extrication process was already underway. It is thought that the quick reaction time by the other workers may have saved the man.

The victim, who did not lose consciousness in the incident, was translated to a local hospital for treatment. His injuries were described as critical and potentially life-threatening.

State Occupational Health and Safety officials are investigating the incident.

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An experienced construction accident attorney and founding partner of BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville shared the following insight for victims of injuries in construction accidents:

“Most people understand that a construction site can be a dangerous place, yet it’s likely that many don’t really grasp how deadly work sites can be.

Heavy machinery is constantly in use, and these massive vehicles are often the cause of deadly incidents. Likewise, power tools used on an every day basis can also become lethal if proper care is not taken.

Yet there are other dangers that exist. Recently erected walls or building can spontaneously fall if there is a flaw in design or an issue with materials. Likewise, trenches dug for foundations can collapse if the proper stabilizing structures are not put in place.

When workers are injured in a construction site, there are some steps they can take to receive assistance with their medical expenses. A worker’s comp claim is the most common option, and one which can prove quite helpful in covering costs.

A construction accident lawsuit is another possibility, but one which is not always applicable. This is due to the fact that employees cannot sue their employers. To be able to file a lawsuit, negligence has to exist on behalf of someone who is not the employer or a direct co-worker.

Whether filing a worker’s comp claim or a lawsuit, an assertive construction accident attorney can prove vital in achieving a full compensation. Victims can have a hard time navigating these legal processes by themselves, so in consulting with a legal representative, they are arming themselves with an experienced person who will tirelessly defend their right to compensation.”



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