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Northwest 10th Street and North McArthur Boulevard

NW 10th Street and North McArthur Boulevard, where 2 women were hit by an alleged drunk driver.

Driver Charged with DUI, Assault After Striking Pedestrians

Two women were injured in Oklahoma City on Saturday when a suspected drunk driver allegedly hit them with her vehicle, according to police.  The incident occurred near the intersection of NW 10th Street and North MacArthur Boulevard.

The OKC Police Department says that an officer was on a traffic stop when Falicha Williamson approached him, appearing to be covered in blood. She told the officer that she and Patricia Nichols had been hit by a vehicle. One of the women had her leg broken in the incident but both women’s injuries were considered non-life-threatening.

The women told the police that they had seen an intense argument involving a group of people outside of an apartment complex before walking to a nearby gas station. One of the people involved in the argument then allegedly drove by the gas station, saw the women, and swerved into the parking lot, striking both women. She then allegedly fled the scene.

The victims described the vehicle to police and officers tracked down the driver shortly after the incident was reported.  The suspected driver, Theresha Abram, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and personal injury accident while driving under the influence with great bodily injury.

Financial Compensation For People Hit by Drunk Drivers in Oklahoma

Attorney Brian Kent of CrimeVictim.Attorney represents people who have been injured by drunk drivers, helping them fight for the financial compensation they deserve in lawsuits and settlements. Here are a few thoughts from Brian on the legal options available to people hit by drunk drivers in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma is one of several states with multiple forms of financial compensation available to people who have been injured by drunk drivers. All states allow these individuals to file personal injury lawsuits against the person who caused their injuries. But Oklahoma and many other states also allow people who have been injured in alcohol-related accidents to file lawsuits against the business who sold alcohol to the person that caused the accident, under certain conditions.

According to Oklahoma law, it is illegal for anyone to sell, deliver, or provide alcoholic beverages to someone who is:

  • under 21 years of age, or
  • has been legally declared insane or mentally deficient, or
  • who is already intoxicated.

Alcohol vendors who violate these rules can be held liable for damages if the person they provided alcohol to causes an accident with injuries. The people injured in the accident may have a case for a lawsuit against both the driver and the vendor.

If you or someone you love has recently been injured by a drunk driver in Oklahoma, it’s important to be aware of your legal options. You can learn more by speaking with an experienced drunk driving accident victims lawyer in a free consultation.

The Intersection of NW 10th Street and MacArthur Boulevard in Oklahoma City

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