Novi, Michigan - Worker Crushed By Soil Compactor On Taft Rd Construction

Deceased Victim Identified As 57-Year-Old Donald D. Butterfield Sr. From Lapeer Township

The fatal construction accident occurred in the early afternoon of Friday, October 25th at a construction site on Taft Road just south of the intersection with W 11 Mile Rd.

Butterfield was reported to have been operating a soil compactor on uneven ground which caused the truck to flip over. In the process, Butterfield was thrown from the compactor at which point it rolled over onto him. Novi Police and Fire crews responded to the emergency, though upon their arrival at the scene, they found the man was already deceased.

The victim was laboring on a Pulte Home construction site but had been a long-time employee of Stante B&V Construction out of Wixom, MI.

Local authorities and the Michigan office of occupational safety are conducting an investigation.

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