Norwich, Connecticut – Former Norwich Free Academy Coach Anthony Facchini Arrested For Sexual Assault

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Norwich Free Academy

Norwich Free Academy, where a former coach is accused of sexually assaulting two students.

Police: Norwich Free Academy Coach Had Inappropriate Relationship with Students

A former coach at Norwich Free Academy was charged with sexual assault on Wednesday amid allegations that he had inappropriate sexual relationships with two students at the school. 25-year-old Anthony Facchini has been charged with second-degree sexual assault based on the allegations.

An initial report from June alleged that Facchini was in a relationship with a student at Norwich Free Academy while he was a coach there. Further investigation into these allegations revealed that Facchini allegedly had relationships with two different students beginning in 2017, while he was employed by the academy.

Facchini was held on a $75,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on September 20.

Norwich Free Academy Athletic Director Resigns

In a potentially related story, the athletic director for Norwich Free Academy resigned on September 10, about two weeks after the investigation into Facchini began. Eric Swallow submitted his resignation letter after working as the academy’s athletic director for three years. It is unclear if this decision is related to the sexual assault investigation.

Legal Recourse For Victims of School Sexual Assault

Brian Kent of helps the victims of sexual violence get the support and justice they deserve. He’s offered to add some commentary on the legal options available to the victims of these crimes:

Teachers and coaches are supposed to be pillars of our communities. We trust them to help our kids develop into responsible adults. But unfortunately, some teachers and coaches are sexual predators who see their positions of trust as opportunities to sexually abuse students.

When a child is sexually abused by a teacher, coach, or other school staff member, the victim and their family can find justice in two ways. First, the criminal justice system will handle the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of the offender. Additionally, these families may have grounds for a lawsuit against the school if negligence played a role in failing to prevent the sexual abuse.

For example, a school could be considered negligent if they hired someone with a history of sexual misconduct after failing to run a background check and that employee sexually abuses a student.

Establishing negligence is a complicated legal process, so we advise the families of child sexual abuse victims to speak with an experienced sexual abuse victims lawyer in order to better understand their legal options.

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