Norwalk, Connecticut - Construction Worker Falls To His Death At SoNo Collection Mall

Accident Occurred Around 2:30AM On North Side Of 100 N. Water St. Construction Site

A construction worker who has yet to be identified was killed in the early morning hours of Tuesday, November 12th when he fell off the exterior of the SoNo Collection Mall project site. The mall, which is already open to the public, remains under construction both inside and outside.

Very few details were released regarding the deadly accident, though it is known that when Norwalk emergency crews arrived on the scene, they treated the man on-site as he was still alive. Soon after, the victim was transported to Norwalk Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

OSHA officials were observed examining the north side of the site, though once more, few information has been offered regarding the exact circumstances of the incident. It is believed that workers were installing components on the external facade of the building with the help of lifts when the accident happened.

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A regular contributor to The Legal Herald and founding partner at BanvilleLaw.com, Laurence Banville offered the following information for the families of construction workers who have lost their lives while on-the-job:

“The construction industry is one of the most dangerous professions in the entire United States. In fact, around 20% of all work-related deaths every year deal with construction projects.

This is mostly due to the nature of the work, which involves serious risks such as heavy machinery and working at heights, to name only a few. When accidents happen, some workers are lucky enough to escape without injuries, others are often severely maimed, and even worse are the instances in which lives are lost.

And while there are federal agencies like OSHA who supervise construction sites and implement safety regulations, these deadly injuries continue occurring. For this reason, the law permits the families of workers who are killed on project sites to pursue a construction death lawsuit.

Through a lawsuit, the loved ones of victims can fight for a compensation that covers funeral and burial costs along with other damages such as lost wages and loss of companionship. It is true that nothing can bring back a loved one who lost their lives in a worksite injury, but a lawsuit can help bring tranquility and stability to those who have felt the repercussions the most.

Victims considering filing a lawsuit should consult their case with an experienced construction death attorney who will listen intently, analyze the circumstances, and then fight tirelessly until victims receive the compensation they truly deserve.”



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