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Newport Area Career and Technical Center’s culinary arts instructor is charged with sexual assault.

Newport Teacher of the Year Charged with Sexually Assaulting Student

Less than three weeks after being named Newport Teacher of the Year, culinary arts instructor Steven Kalble has been charged with sexually assaulting one of his students at the Newport Area Career and Technical Center. The 66-year-old teacher was arrested on Monday and charged with second-degree sexual assault.

Court records say that Kalble “did engage in unwanted sexual contact with a 16-year-old girl by using force, the element of surprise, and coercion.”

The girl was a student in NACTC’s culinary arts program on the campus of Rogers High School.

According to investigators, Kalble had been sending the girl inappropriate text messages this March, including one that said “I love you.” He also sent the girl several emails. Eventually, the girl and her parents met with the police.

At one point, the girl’s parents left so that the girl could speak with the authorities alone. She provided a detailed statement which led to arrest and search warrants for his home, cell phone, and all of his computer devices.

Kalble was placed on administrative leave following his arrest.

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