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Wentworth Health Partners Great Bay Family Practice in Newmarket, where Dr. Hugh MacDonald is accused of sexually assaulting a patient.

Judge Orders Dr. Hugh MacDonald to Wear Monitoring Device

The Newmarket doctor charged with 8 counts of felonious sexual assault was ordered to wear a monitoring device as part of a pre-trial release program on June 4.

The 57-year-old doctor is out on $101,000 bail after being arrested on the eight felony sexual assault charges, along with three misdemeanor sexual assault charges at his medical practice, Great Bay Family Practice. MacDonald was working at the practice on May 11 when officers showed up and arrested him.

The arrest was based on allegations that MacDonald sexually assaulted a 45-year-old female patient in multiple incidents between March 1 and April 12 of this year. The victim suffers from cognitive difficulties and several mental health disorders. She was interviewed by a forensic interviewer at the Rockingham Child Advocacy Center in Portsmouth because her demeanor is “child-like”, according to court documents.

MacDonald was being secretly recorded by the victim, who was cooperating with police prior to his arrest. According to the affidavit, the two discuss various sexual acts in the recording. Officers entered the room and made an arrest after the woman said a “safe-word” discussed beforehand with the police.

Legal Recourse For Victims of Doctor Sexual Assault

Brian Kent of is an attorney who specializes in representing survivors of sexual assault and abuse. We’ve asked him to add some information on how the legal system can help survivors:

As you may know from following current events, doctor sexual assault has become a nationwide problem. While most doctors are honorable professionals and pillars of their communities, some are sexual predators who seek to exploit their positions of trust and abuse their patients.

The victims of doctor sexual assault suffer from unimaginable trauma. For many victims, it may be difficult to ever trust a medical professional again. While overcoming this trauma will take time, the survivors of these crimes may find relief by taking legal action against the individuals and third parties responsible for committing or enabling the crime.

Law enforcement and the criminal justice system will handle the arrest and prosecution of doctors who commit sexual assault. Additionally, sometimes employers and facilities can be held liable if their negligence failed to prevent a sexual assault. Holding these parties liable can help demand accountability and possibly prevent others from being sexually assaulted in the future. If you have recently survived a sexual assault by a doctor and are curious about your legal options, we advise discussing your situation with an experienced sexual assault victims lawyer.

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