2 Dead, 30 Injured After Hard Rock Hotel Construction Collapses New Orleans LA

Search-And-Rescue Crews Continue Working To Recover All Unaccounted Personnel

The New Orleans Fire and Police Departments responded on the morning of Saturday, October 12th to the collapse of numerous floors at the construction site of the unfinished Hard Rock Hotel near Canal St. and N. Rampart St. A construction crane also came down, damaging buildings in the area.

At this time, two victims have been reported as deceased, while a third, identified as Anthony “Tony” Magrette, is still missing. A total of 30 additional workers were injured, though only one of them had to undergo surgery. All others who were hospitalized have now been released.

New Orleans Fire Chief Tim McConnell indicated that search-and-rescue teams will continue working until all missing personnel are accounted for. Mayor Cantrell has also echoed this, stating that only after search-and-rescue is exhausted will investigations into the cause of the collapse begin.

The Hard Rock Hotel construction, which was scheduled to be completed in 2020, was contracted out to Citadel Builders of Metairie, LA.

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